The difference between electric iron and handheld garment steamer

Electric irons are tools for leveling clothes and cloth, and the power is generally between 300-1000W. Its type can be divided into: common type, temperature regulation type, steam spray type. Ordinary electric iron is simple in structure, cheap in price, convenient in manufacture and maintenance.

Temperature regulation electric iron can automatically adjust the temperature within the range of 60-250℃, can automatically cut off the power supply, can use suitable temperature according to different clothing materials to iron, more than the ordinary electricity. Steam spray model electric iron already adjust temperature function, can produce steam again, some still assemble on spray device, avoided the trouble of artificial spray, and dress material moistens more even, ironing effect is better

Handheld garment steamer is also called hanging steam iron, vertical steam iron, is able to hang ironing clothes and cloth machine. Handheld garment steamer machine through the internal hot steam constantly contact clothes and cloth, to soften clothes and cloth fiber organization, and through the “pull”, “pressure”, “spray” action level clothes and cloth, so that the clothes and cloth as good as new.

Compare with traditional electric iron, handheld garment steamer should suit contemporary and practical habit more obviously, electric iron regards relatively traditional small home appliance, pass ceaselessly technology update generation, in this contest, also retain its characteristic, existence is at special position. Here is the difference between an electric iron and a hanging ironing machine.

1.Electric iron through heating hot plate, and to bend over ironing, easy to fatigue, while steam handheld garment steamer can easily handle a pot of water tank ironing the highest continuous time can reach 90 minutes, save more worry and effort and save time.

2.Electric iron are unsafe, dry iron easily damage the machine, and iron the clothes easily lead the ironing clothes to yellow color, even connect a telephone carelessly, the clothes maybe burnt, and in the face of so many problems.
Handheld garment steamer has dry heating thermostat, water shortage will automatically power off, dry warning, something temporary need to handle , only need to hang a nozzle with a hang immediately. No matter how to use, No matter what material you iron, there is no risk of damage. Can be ironed quickly to create a smooth effect.

3.The ironing effect of electric iron can not be compared with handheld garment steamer machine, even using electric iron can iron a good effect, but this skill is also very difficult for ordinary people to master, handheld garment steamer is different, you can even let your children use and iron their own garment, they can also iron a perfect effect.

4.Compared with electric iron, handheld garment steamer machine is more suitable for use in clothing stores. Its mobility and operability have become incomparable advantages of electric irons. So both have their advantages.

The handheld garment steamer as the new small home appliance product, with all kinds of novel design styles, it is more popular in young people, and with big market now.

Post time: Apr-08-2022