Pay attention to these three points when buying a hand-held garment steamer!

At present, there are many brands of hand-held garment steamer machines on the market with large price differences. In order to help consumers buy hand-held garment ironing machines with good ironing effect and convenient operation, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission has carried out comparative experiments on these products.


In this comparative test, 30 hand-held garment irons were purchased from the e-commerce platform, covering some of the mainstream brands in the market. The price ranges from 49 yuan to 449 yuan. The appearance structure of the sample mainly includes swan shape, hair dryer type, capsule type and folding structure design, etc. The size of the water tank ranges from 70-300ml, of which there are 15 samples for the small water tank of 70-150ml and the large water tank of 150-300ml.

The comparative test results found that in terms of ironing ability, the wrinkle removal rate of the 30 samples is better, but there are differences in the steam amount, temperature, continuous steam time and other indicators; in terms of experience, the samples are in terms of material workmanship and ease of operation There are obvious differences in other aspects, and the suitability for ironing cotton, linen and silk products is also slightly different. Taken together, the samples of some domestic brands performed better.

Consumers should pay attention to the following three points when buying a hand-held garment steamer:

Look at the appearance

Generally speaking, the swan-shaped product has a larger water tank and can be used for a long time, but the weight is relatively heavy; while the product with a hair dryer or folding structure design is light in weight and small in size, but can be used for a relatively short time. Consumers can choose suitable products according to their own needs. If you are considering a business trip, you can choose a product that is small, light, and quick to vent; and if you are only using it at home, considering the different clothes and materials of the seasons, it is recommended to choose a product with a large amount of steam and an adjustable amount of steam. In addition, please pay attention to whether the water tank can be disassembled. The detachable water tank is easier to add water or clean.

Look at the gear

It is recommended to purchase products with adjustable steam volume and temperature to meet the needs of ironing clothes of different materials. In addition, it is recommended to select a product whose switch can be locked, so that there is no need to long press when using it, and the experience is better.

Look at the steam jet

Hand-held garment steamers generally have three types: plastic panel, stainless steel panel and ceramic panel. Compared with plastic panels, stainless steel panels are more resistant to high temperatures and not easily deformed; ceramic panels are not only resistant to high temperatures, but also smooth, non-sticky, and scratch-resistant, but the cost is relatively high.

When using a hand-held ironing machine, the Economic Daily-China Economic Net Life Channel reminds consumers to add pure water as much as possible to prevent impurities in the water from clogging the pipe after long-term use, shortening the service life of the garment ironing machine; ironing clothes of different materials Different temperatures are required; after the product is used, you need to cut off the power supply and pour out the excess water in the water tank; pay attention to removing the scale after long-term use. You can pour a mixture of water and vinegar into the water tank and let the product run until it is removed.

Post time: Jun-29-2021